Chapter Five of Tuesday Texts

We are happy to announce that throughout October we will be publishing a fifth chapter of our Tuesday Text Series as part of our ongoing Scholarly Text Program, which invites thinkers to focus on a single artwork by Holt and/or Smithson.

Every Tuesday we will publish a text to our website that includes images selected by the author, a short bibliography, citation reference, and endnotes pointing to the author’s references.

Both Holt and Smithson opened new ways of thinking about what art might be, and where it might be found. Their ideas resonate through artistic and cultural production of the present, developing innovative ways of exploring our relationship with the planet and expanding the limits of artistic practice. The Scholarly Text Program expands these legacies by commissioning and publishing new writing.

The single artworks range from landmark earthworks and texts to lesser known drawings, moving image works, and rarely seen two-dimensional works. Focused as a tool for researchers at all stages, the Scholarly Text Program will publish two essays on each work, presenting differing opinions and approaches and making links to topics that range from geology to ecology, poetry, architecture, public art, sculpture, drawing, film, philosophy, site, and all the stops between.

Chapter Five of Tuesday Texts publishes the following essays:

Thomas Feulmer, "How to Share Space: Nancy Holt’s Studio Tour: Daytime" 

Adam Lauder, "Upside Down Trees: Terminal Transmissions"

Rebecca Uchill, "Spinwinder (1991)"

Kirsten Swenson, "'The Last Nonsite': Nonsite, Site Uncertain, Politics, and Prehistory"

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Nancy Holt, Studio Tour: Daytime (1971-72)
Two parts: October 30, 1971 and January 5, 1972; revised on March 29, 1972
799 Greenwich Street, New York, NY
Illustrated above is a detail from the score from October 30, 1971
Typewriter ink and pencil on paper, three pages
11 x 8 1/2 inches (27.9 x 21.6 cm) each
Digitized audio recording
Duration: 9 minutes, 50 seconds

© Holt/Smithson Foundation / Licensed by Artists Rights Society, New York

Archived News

Nancy Holt: Circles of Light at Gropius Bau, Berlin

Holt/Smithson Foundation and Gropius Bau are pleased to announce the most comprehensive presentation of Nancy Holt in Germany to date. Taking a journey through Holt’s output, starting with her first artwork made in 1966, Circles of Light expands over the Gropius Bau’s ground floor and atrium. Paying attention to Holt’s experimental approach to the interplay between the immaterial and the material, this exhibition underscores the singularity of Holt’s oeuvre.