Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson recalibrated the limits of art, embracing the new media of their time. One of the ways Holt/Smithson Foundation develops each artists' distinctive creative legacies is through digital programming. Our website is our center for study, and it is open to all, twenty-four hours a day. Our digital focus allows us to connect Holt and Smithson’s art, ideas and legacies to people, no matter where they are in the world.

Through our Tuesday Text program we digitally publish one text each week from our Scholarly Text Program, engaging with a digital audience to share new thinking on individual works by Holt and Smithson. Wednesday Writings digitally publishes one new writing by Holt or Smithson to our website each week. During the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic we created the Friday Films series, offering a moment to connect digitally through a weekend screenings of moving image works by Holt and Smithson. 

In response to the global climate emergency, Holt/Smithson Foundation has joined twenty-seven arts organizations across the world to form the World Weather Network, a ground-breaking constellation of “weather stations” located across the world in oceans, deserts, mountains, farmland, rainforests, observatories, lighthouses, and cities.