In response to the global climate emergency, Holt/Smithson Foundation has joined twenty-seven arts organizations across the world to form the World Weather Network, a ground-breaking constellation of “weather stations” located across the world in oceans, deserts, mountains, farmland, rainforests, observatories, lighthouses, and cities. 

For one year starting on 21 June 2022, artists and writers will share “weather reports” in the form of observations, stories, images, and imaginings about their local weather and our shared climate, creating an archipelago of voices and viewpoints on a new global platform. 

Climate scientists, environmentalists and communities will participate in a wide-ranging program of special events held in each location and online through the platform.  Through the course of the year, the London Review of Books are commissioning special reports from writers based in many of the locations in the World Weather Network.

As part of our participation in the World Weather Network we have created a series of Weather Reports documenting the changing conditions at Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970). We are also happy to announce our first poetry commission, with Layli Long Soldier (Oglala Lakota Nation). She was invited by Holt/Smithson Foundation to create a poem about the weather, and has written a companion series, Night Poems and Day Poems. The poems reflect on the reciprocal relationship that we humans have with the changing climate around us.