Nancy Holt / Hanne Darboven "Time goes on and remains" at Sprüth Magers

Nancy Holt is featured in Sprüth Magers online exhibition Time goes on and remains from March 24 – May 5, 2021, which will also be on view at Art Basel OVR: Pioneers from March 24–27. The exhibition features key works by Holt and Hanne Darboven, with a previously unseen work of seven booklets that Darboven dedicated and sent to Holt in 1973 as its focal point.

One week after the passing of Nancy Holt’s partner Robert Smithson, on July 20, 1973, Hanne Darboven sent Holt a hand-bound artist book composed of seven parts and filled with her characteristic wordless writing lines. Darboven added the cursive dedication: “Dear Nancy, this is my writing to you, you and Bob in my mind - wordless. Nancy, love, Hanne.”

This previously unexhibited work with its heartfelt inscription brings these two groundbreaking artists together nearly half a century later. Little is known about their relationship, other than that they moved in the same artistic circles in New York City in the late 1960s. In distinctive ways Holt and Darboven paid attention to the systems we humans use to attempt to understand the imponderables of time and space. Both worked with language and seriality. Darboven developed her own system of numeric calculations based on calendar systems to represent time from the perspective of lived experience. Holt explored the cycles of cosmological and geological time to draw attention to how we might perceive the changing world around us.

This focused presentation spans large-scale installations, photographic series, and works on paper. Time goes on and remains demonstrates Holt’s and Darboven’s shared interest in revealing the particular qualities of time experienced, time measured and time passing. The title of this presentation is taken from Holt’s own words: “For the time being, in the interim, in the course of time, from day to day, from hour to hour, until, in due time, and in the fullness of time, time endures, goes on, remains, persists, lasts, goes by, elapses, passes, flows, rolls on, flies, slips, slides, and glides by.” Written in May 1978, this short text was first published in a special edition of Arts Magazine dedicated to Robert Smithson.

This is the first exhibition of Nancy Holt's work with Sprüth Magers after announcement of representation by the gallery.

 View the exhibition Time goes on and Remains on the Sprüth Magers website.

Hanne Darboven, Untitled (Wordless) (1973)

7 booklets (210 pages in total), pencil and felt tip pen on paper, bound (cord binding)

8.3 x 5.8 x 1.0 inches (21.0 x 14.8 x 2.5 cm)

© 2021 Hanne Darboven Foundation, Hamburg / ARS, New York⁠⁠

Archived News

2021 Research Fellow: Ali Ismail Karimi

We are pleased to announce the first of our 2021 Holt/Smithson Foundation Research Fellowship awardees: Ali Ismail Karimi.

Ali Ismail Karimi’s Research Fellowship will focus on Robert Smithson’s 1966 works Grave Mounds with Object and Proposal for a Monument on the Red Sea and the relationship of Smithson’s work to the landscapes of the Middle East.

"Revolve" Screening in The Kitchen's Carlotta Schoolman Video Viewing Room

Nancy Holt's video Revolve is available to stream online through The Kitchen's Video Viewing Room celebrating the work of Carlotta Schoolman. Founded in 1971, The Kitchen is one of New York City’s oldest nonprofit spaces, showing innovative work by emerging and established artists across disciplines. To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, The Kitchen is hosting a series of conversations with artists with accompanying Video Viewing Rooms. 

Nancy Holt to be featured at Punto de Vista Film Festival

Nancy Holt will be featured in the Retrospectives section of the 2021 Punto de Vista Film Festival in Pamplona, Spain. The film festival celebrates non-fiction films and "aims to revisit the history of film by connecting it to the present and, in turn, to give exposure to film-makers and artists whose work has been little seen in Spain." 

The following Holt films will be screened at the festival:

Nancy Holt, Pine Barrens (1975)