December 2023 Press Round-up

‘Nancy Holt / Inside Outside’ at MACAB – Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Mousse, November 28, 2023

“The provocations of “inside and outside” are present throughout the five decades of Holt’s artistic production. She observes and unravels these perceptual demarcations in buildings and in society at large, asking questions of what remains open and exposed in the exterior, and what remains concealed inside, out of sight.”

Once Dominated by Macho Men and Dynamite, Land Art Came to Life Through Women’s Work

by Jonathon Keats

Forbes, November 30, 2023

“As a major new exhibition at the Nasher Sculpture Center shows, … female artists significantly expanded the purview of land art and helped foster the transition to the environmental artworks that are so vital today.”

Planets and Earth: Two Shows at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

by William Sarradet

Glasstire, December 1, 2023

“The artists featured in Groundswell: Women of Land Art are captivated by the transformation of land into evocative images and infrastructure that beckons human passage. The enigmatic allure of these structures, often alien and otherworldly, serves as a captivating showcase.”

Uncovering the Tracks

by Matthew Kangas

Sculpture, December 1, 2023

“More than 10 years in the making, Suzaan Boettger’s biography of Robert Smithson has something for everyone—artists, art historians, art critics, psychiatrists, and art collectors. “

The Dallas-Fort Worth Art Exhibitions You Must See Before 2023 Ends

by Eve Hill-Angus

D Magazine, December 5, 2023

“If there is one show you must see this year, it is Groundswell. Do not merely take my word for it. The New York Times reviewed it twice (once in its magazine), and the entire country seems to have been catching flights to Dallas since Nasher curator Leigh Arnold’s opus opened in September. “

Delcy Morelos’s “El abrazo”

by Michael Kurtz

e-flux, December 15, 2023

“Here lie the ruins of the American avant-garde. Wood salvaged from an installation by Dan Graham, offcuts from a felt piece by Robert Morris, and scraps of flooring from a Dorothea Rockburne display. Mounds of soil recall Robert Smithson’s geological samples and rows of pipe echo Walter de Maria’s Broken Kilometer (1979) of brass rods lined up on the floor.”

‘Inside the Spiral’ Unearths Robert Smithson’s Childhood, Catholicism, Art, and Death

by Sally Eckhoff

The Village Voice, December 20, 2023

“Suzaan Boettger’s biography of the artist best known for ‘Spiral Jetty’ looks at his passion for art and religion, and his obsession with his dead brother.”

Las mejores exposiciones de 2023: una sugerente polifonía de voces y estilos

[The best exhibitions of 2023: a suggestive polyphony of voices and styles]

El Cultural

El Español, December 21, 2023

Nancy Holt / Dentro Fuera – MACBA, Barcelona

10 Must-See Shows in Europe in 2024

by Vivienne Chow

Artnet, December 22, 2023

“Featuring works including film, video, photography, poetry, sculptures, and installations …, “Circles of Light” at Gropius Bau is the most comprehensive survey exhibition of [Nancy Holt] in Germany to date.”

Archived News

Nancy Holt: Circles of Light at Gropius Bau, Berlin

Holt/Smithson Foundation and Gropius Bau are pleased to announce the most comprehensive presentation of Nancy Holt in Germany to date. Taking a journey through Holt’s output, starting with her first artwork made in 1966, Circles of Light expands over the Gropius Bau’s ground floor and atrium. Paying attention to Holt’s experimental approach to the interplay between the immaterial and the material, this exhibition underscores the singularity of Holt’s oeuvre.

Chapter Six of Tuesday Texts

We are happy to announce that throughout January we will be publishing a sixth chapter of our Tuesday Text Series as part of our ongoing Scholarly Text Program, which invites thinkers to focus on a single artwork by Holt and/or Smithson. This chapter of Tuesday Texts will focus on artworks by Robert Smithson.

Every Tuesday we will publish a text to our website that includes images selected by the author, a short bibliography, citation reference, and endnotes pointing to the author’s references.