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Research Fellowships

In November 2020 we launch the Holt/Smithson Foundation Research Fellowship Program. Our Fellowships aim to encourage new research on the work, ideas, and creative legacies of Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson.

Each Fellowship is based around a specific research project. Our rolling Fellowship Program is aimed at graduate students, recent college graduates, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, early career museum professionals, and Holt and Smithson scholars working towards a specific publication. Researching from their home base, Fellows will receive compensation of $3,540 (paid semi-monthly subject to federal and New Mexico tax withholding) and a travel allowance.

We have five subject areas in our current Fellowship Program:

Various Sites: Indigenous Narratives

There is much scholarship addressing Indigenous Land Rights and Land Art that needs to be conducted. This Fellowship is of central importance to the Foundation. The Indigenous Narratives Fellowship invites proposals from researchers with an interest in exploring the sites of Holt and Smithson’s earthworks, sculptures, and unrealized projects in relation to the histories of Indigenous Peoples and their land.

Please indicate which site you are interested in researching in your application.

Various Sites: Local Narratives

We welcome applications from candidates based locally to artworks by Holt and Smithson to conduct research about the artwork, its site, and local contexts. The focus could be on sites of public sculptures or earthworks (for example Lake Placid , New York or Emmen, The Netherlands); former sites of artworks (for example St James’ Park, Toronto or Florida Keys); a specific location important to Holt or Smithson (for example the New Jersey Meadowlands or the Great Basin Desert); or the location of an unrealized project (for example Miami Islet or Dallas Fort Worth Airport). The Local Narratives Fellow will be expected to consult local archives to develop their research project.

Please indicate which site you are interested in researching in your application.

Fellow home-base / Washington D.C.: Exhibition Histories

The objective of this Fellowship is to develop definitive exhibition histories for Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson, working from existing incomplete inventories held at the Foundation. The Exhibition Histories Fellow will check current data and aim to complete create a decade-by-decade detailed timeline of exhibitions. Alongside the inventory, the Fellow will gather relevant exhibition literature, working with materials in various archives, including the Archives of American Art.

Please indicate which artist you are interested in researching in your application, and whether you have interest in a specific time period.

Fellow home-base / Washington D.C.: Robert Smithson: writings, lectures, and interviews

This Fellowship is dedicated to core research in the first stage of developing a new, revised edition of Robert Smithson’s collected writings, lectures, and interviews. You will work on an inventory of Robert Smithson’s interviews and lectures, sourcing transcripts and providing a summary of key topics. In addition, the Fellow will contribute to developing a chronological inventory of all writings (published and unpublished), consulting papers held at the Archives of American Art, other relevant archives, and material held at the Foundation.

Application Procedure

Holt/Smithson Foundation will begin the Research Fellowship application process in Fall of 2020. Please check back with us, and subscribe to our social media feeds for updates.