Mirrors of Light II

Nancy Holt
Walter Kelly Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
Ten mirrors, 650 watt quartz light ; Mirrors: 9 1/2 in. (24.1 cm) diameter each
20 x 11 1/2 ft. (6.1 x 3.5 m)

Featured in the Walter Kelly Gallery in Chicago in 1974, ​Mirrors of Light II consists of a spotlight directed at a diagonal row of mirrors; the resulting refractions form ellipses of varying size and proportion that are projected across the gallery walls. Holt was interested in using light as a medium, while simultaneously examining it as subject matter in its own right. In this single gallery setting, light is a conceptual entity and a physical reality, a practical resource and an aesthetic object. As is the case with the majority of Holt’s oeuvre, ​Mirrors of Light II creates an opportunity for self-examination through the perceptions that arise in the face of her work.  Earlier in 1974 Holt presented Mirrors of Light I in the Bykert Gallery in New York.

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