Feixe de Luz: Escultura Projetada, Cinema Exposto

Oct 22, 2022 – Feb 19, 2023
Group Exhibition

Nancy Holt's 1978 film Sun Tunnels  is currently on view in the exhibition Feixe de Luz: Escultura Projetada, Cinema Exposto at the Centro de Arte Oliva in São João da Madeira, Portugal.

The exhibition's title translates to "Light Beam: Projected Sculpture, Exposed Cinema."

From Centro de Arte Oliva:
"Devoted to the formal and conceptual relations between cinema and sculpture, Light Beam: Projected Sculpture, Exposed Cinema, unveils a century of dialogue between the two arts and a mutual process of profound transformation, which has unfolded and became more complex throughout the 20th century to the present day. Film as a document that becomes a work of art, film as a possibility of staging and rendering sculpture performative, film as a possibility of combining opposites (material/immaterial; shadow/light; volume/ projection; ephemeral/perpetual), but also sculpture as an image-producing device are aspects that run through the exhibition."

The exhibition includes artwork by Babette Mangolte, Constantin Brancusi, Fischli & Weiss, Francisco Tropa, Hollis Frampton, João Maria Gusmão, Pedro Paiva, Lis Rhodes, Mark Leckey, Mary Ellen Bute, Nancy Holt, and Susanne Themlitz.⁠

Feixe de Luz: Escultura Projetada, Cinema Exposto is curated by Andreia Magalhães. 

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