Up and Under

Nancy Holt
Pinsiö, Finland
Sand, concrete, topsoil, grass, water
Mound: height ranges from 11 to 26 ft. (3.5 to 8 m), with a length of 630 ft. (192 m); Tunnels: length 241 ft. (74 m), with a diameter of 10 ft. (3 m)

Located in an old sand quarry in Finland, Holt’s ​Up and Under w​as commissioned by artist and farmer Osmo Rauhala as part of a larger effort to restore and reclaim developed land. The work is made up of a curved, winding mound of earth, through which one vertical tunnel and seven horizontal tunnels—aligned with the North star, Polaris—are installed. Three reflective pools of water are positioned around the base of the sculpture. The vertical tunnel brings a view of the sky down from above, while earth collected from sites across Finland lie just underfoot. The work provides a terrain ripe for sensory experience and conceptual musing alike.

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