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Our third Friday Film continues our three-week trip to the state of Utah with Nancy Holt’s “Sun Tunnels” (1978). Every Friday through April and May we invite you to join us for Friday Films, while we are all spending time at home. - We will post the film on Friday, and our Executive Director will give a short introduction on our feed. - Check back here between 12 noon Friday April 17 and 12 noon Saturday April 18 Mountain Time to access the film on IGTV and Vimeo. - “Sun Tunnels” is twenty-nine-minute film showing the making of Holt’s eponymous work “Sun Tunnels”, located in the Great Basin Desert, Utah. This earthwork joined the collection of @diaartfoundation last year, with support from Holt/Smithson Foundation. - “Sun Tunnels” comprises four concrete cylinders arranged in the landscape in an X formation, each 18 feet long and 9 feet diameter, perforated with a constellation of small apertures emitting patterns of light inside the tube. As Holt describes in a 1977 essay, published in @artforum , the tunnels mark “the yearly extreme positions of the sun on the horizon—the tunnels being aligned with the angles of the rising and setting of the sun on the days of the solstices, around June 21st and December 21st.” - The film starts noisily, showing construction of the tunnels and their transportation to, and installation in, the Great Basin Desert. Holt noted “Sun Tunnels” involved thirty-two co-workers. The film demonstrates the skill of, and Holt’s great respect for, the labor involved in creating this sculpture. - The film closes with near silence, showing stunning footage of the changing sun and light in the tunnels on the solstices. In its portrait of an earthwork, this film shows Holt’s precise process and careful attention to site, place, time, and perception. ⠀ —⠀ #nancyholt #holtsmithsonfoundation #holtsmithsonfoundationfridayfilms #earthworksfromhome #diaartfoundation #suntunnels —⠀ Still from Nancy Holt, “Sun Tunnels” (1978)⠀ Digitized 16 mm film⠀ Color, sound⠀ Duration: 26 minutes 31 seconds © Holt/Smithson Foundation, licensed by VAGA at ARS, New York. Distributed by Electronic Arts Intermix, New York.⠀

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We are excited to announce Light and Language: Nancy Holt with A.K. Burns, Matthew Day Jackson, Dennis McNulty, Charlotte Moth, and Katie Paterson Lismore Castle Arts, Co. Waterford, Ireland March 28 – October 11, 2020 - Nancy Holt was an artist who rethought the limits and possibilities of art. Born in 1938, Holt was a key member of the Earth, Land and Conceptual art movements. For five decades she asked difficult questions about how we understand our place in the world. Her art continues to inspire and recalibrate the possibilities of what art can be, and where it can be found. Light and Language invites A.K. Burns, Matthew Day Jackson, Dennis McNulty, Charlotte Moth, and Katie Paterson to explore ideas of light and language alongside Nancy Holt at Lismore Castle Arts. This is the first time Holt’s work has been seen with twenty-first-century artists who have drawn from her legacies. At the center of Light and Language is Holt’s room-sized installation Electrical System (1982). Presented for the first time in more than three decades, Electrical System is an example of Holt’s innovative ‘systems sculptures’ that make the facts of a building perceivable. Fourteen other rarely seen works by Holt join Electrical System. The five artists joining Nancy Holt in Light and Language, like Holt, open new questions about perception and the way we might understand our place in the world. Working with sound, sculpture, performance, words, and light, each artist has chosen works for the exhibition they feel resonate with their fascinations for Holt’s ideas and artworks. This exhibition is kindly supported by the Arts Council, Henry Moore Institute and the Holt Smithson Foundation. - The exhibition is curated by Lisa Le Feuvre, inaugural director of the Holt Smithson Foundation. - @lefeuvrelisa @holtsmithsonfoundation #nancyholt #dennismcnulty #akburns #matthewdayjackson @matthewdayjackson @charlottemoth #katiepaterson Image: Nancy Holt, Electrical System II: Bellman Circuit (1982). David Bellman Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Photography: Nancy Holt. © Holt/Smithson Foundation, Licensed by VAGA at Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

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